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Great site by the way, my students love it and some of the most "musical" accompaniments are available here. Thanks!


The site is wonderfully helpful to me at least as a beginning singer and I appreciate the care and quality of the accompaniment, vocal and diction lines.

Joan E.

GENIUS! I love your website. I struggle with the diction the most and this was an amazing idea for people studying opera.

Maggie, USA

You've brought me to tears of hapiness, Roberta! I just got up the bed and came directly to the computer to see if there was some news, then, I found the lied Adelaide available. I felt like a child who received a Santa Claus gift.To think that for a long time this was an impossible dream to come true, and to think that you've included this lied in... Mostra tutto the poll by a suggestion of mine it is very moving! You see, this lied is not that popular and I had asked friends of mine to vote it. Well...I tell you that TODAY IT'S CERTAINLY ONE OF THE HAPPIEST AND UNFORGETTABLE DAYS OF MY LIFE. You know, I'm from Brazil and here it's so dificult to get someone as accompanist, they are difficult people or they don't have place or they don't have time or the service price is much expensive, meanwhile, you, from so far away, have made my dream come true. GOD BLESS YOU, ROBERTA!

Douglas Eduardo B.

Thank goodness for your site with its beautiful and simple piano recordings - they are perfect for our requirements and are clearly very carefully and professionally produced with all the wonderful dynamics, metre and so on. Your online tutorials for tweaking the audio files are also marvellous. So thank you and congratulations on your site. You are really rather a one-of-a-kind! No other site or music store I could find stocked the music I wanted at such a great price, lovingly played and recorded and available electronically. Keep up the good work!

Adam N.

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Great site by the way, my students love it and some of the most "musical" accompaniments are available here.

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