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What Opera-Karaoke offers

Welcome to Opera Karaoke, the site in which classical singers or aspiring ones can find at their disposal, ready to be downloaded, all the tools necessary to perfectly learn the most famous arias of the operatic repertoire.
For every aria in the Opera-Karaoke catalog is possible to download the following:

  • Karaoke Pack the Karaoke Pack, which consists of the "piano accompaniment track" with its Karaoke CD+G file.
  • Professional Pack the Professional Pack, which includes the Karaoke Pack and also offers the "Vocal Line Track" and the "Diction Track".
  • Video Packthe Video Pack , which consists of a video file, offered in two formats: .avi (for PCs and DIVx Players) and .m4v (for Mac computers and other devices), ideal for playing our music accompaniments on every devices without requiring additional software.
    N.B: Newer products only include a .mp4 file.

Here, in a few words, is how opera-karaoke works:

  • Browse our catalog to search for the aria that interests you.
  • Buy the Karaoke Pack or the Professional Pack of the aria you have decided to purchase and add it to your shopping cart.
  • Download, after the paying process, the contents of your cart and begin learning the aria following the instructions found in our learning method for classical singers.

Discover also the advantages of our subscription service, of which unlimited download, or purchase the rightsnew of our products!

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At Opera Karaoke, classical and opera singers can find all the tools necessary to perfectly learn the most famous opera arias and art songs.

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Great site by the way, my students love it and some of the most "musical" accompaniments are available here.

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