Tutorials Record your performance

Record your performance:

First of all, download and install Audacity, the program we'll use in this tutorial.

Be sure that in the Mixer Toolbar (right to the Play/Record/Pause buttons) you selected the Microphone as your source input. Your screen should appear like this:

Select Microphone as your Audio Input

Now, we have to import the accompaniment mp3 track. Select in the menu "Project" the voice "Import Audio (CTRL+I)", a window will open. In the window, find the mp3 file you have downloaded from opera-karaoke.com (remember that you download files from us in ZIP format. Unzip them before use Audacity!) and select it.

After a while your screen should appear like this:

Import audio Tracks

Before we begin our recording, we have to be sure that the programm will play the mp3 track while you sing: select "File/Preferences", in the window check the Audio I/O tab, your screen should be like this:

Check Preferences

Be shure that the voice "Play other track while recording new one" should be checked

Now we are ready to record, wear your headphones, press the "Record Button" on the Control Toolbar and start your performance! On the screen we have two audio tracks: the piano track and the voice one, if you press the Play button you can hear your recording. At this point, there could be a small problem: your voice could be late in comparison to the piano. This is a problem of Audacity and of the latency of your soundcard, if you experience this problem there is an easy way to solve it:
use the zoom tool (Magnify Tool) to enlarge the tracks, select the Time Shift Tool (Time Shift Tool) and press the left mouse button on the voice track. Keeping pressed the mouse, drag on the left a little bit the track until you synchronize the two tracks (you can check the synchronization simply pressing the Play button).

Move Voice Track

That's it! You can easily adjust the volume of your voice track with the amplify tool (menu "Effect/Amplify"), select the voice track clicking on the zone on the left of the waveform and select the tool. Move the small arrow to the right if you want to raise the volume or put negative values if you want to do the contrary.

If you have any doubt or question you can Contact us at any time.

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