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Opera: $opera
Role: $personaggio
1st Repr.: $rappresentazione
Voice: ".$voce['voce_link']."
Range: from $basso to $alto
Tempo: $agogica
Length: $minuti' $secondi\"

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Karaoke Pack KARAOKE PACK:

The Karaoke pack includes:

  • The Piano accompaniment track in MP3 format
  • The Karaoke file in CDG format

Price: $2.99

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\n"; ?>

Video Pack VIDEO PACK:

The Video pack includes:

  • a Video file in MP4 and AVI format that can be easily reproduced on your computer, Iphone, Ipod, Smartphone etc.

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\n"; ?>

Professional Pack PROFESSIONAL

The Professional Pack includes:

  • The Karaoke Pack
  • The vocal line and the diction Tracks

Price: $4.99
Professional Pack not available.

\n"; } else { if ($_SESSION['cart'][$aria_id_prof]) echo "Item already in your cart cart

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